We are a solid and dynamic company, constantly changing, which works in the field of medium-heavy metal structural carpentry, in particular in the design, building and installation of metal structures for civil and industrial use.
Our stakeholders are the Building Enterprises (General Contractor), the technical studies, and private people.
In these last years we have made significant works as for seismic upgrading and restructuring, from design to construction,
such as those carried out at the Uffizi in Florence in 2007, at the ‘Museo del Novecento’ at the Arengario in Milan in 2008, and at the
Florence Chamber of Commerce.
Just back from the experience of the earthquake that hit Emilia Romagna in 2012, we have made our experience by intervening in a massive way on many of the consolidations of our territory concerning sheds, dwellings, churches, etc.
A fatal event that has nevertheless allowed us to refine our experience on this type of work.
I.N.C.I. SRL guarantees and qualifies trictly earthquake-resistant buildings in compliance with the regulations.



Our final products are mainly

Sheds for civil, industrial, agricultural and public use
Mezzanines, walkways, canopies
Internal and external safety stairs
Multi-storey structures supporting industrial plants
Seismic consolidation and adjustments
Building renovations


Business Mission

As a Certified Company in accordance with UNI EN 1090 and UNI EN ISO 9001 EC law, I.N.C.I. SRL concentrates its abilities in order to achieve a continuous improvement and renewal.
I.N.C.I. SRL is the same as guarantee, as strength of solid, stable and long lasting products!

The final goal is customer satisfaction, so I.N.C.I. SRL puts on the field its experience and attention to research and development of innovative solutions, aiming to offer a service to 360o, from A to Z, by following the client in all phases of the project, in a course that starts from initial study and come to the realization and installation qualified product on-site.

All this promptly!
Timeliness is indeed the strength of our company and this is one of the main reasons why I.N.C.I. SRL is chosen!
I.N.C.I. SRL builds your ideas and walk, step by step, with you.


Other information

We have an internal technical office, composed of designers and a structural engineer, who can develop and calculate all types of structures by working on AutoCAD 2D and 3D stations and processing them with a dedicated calculation program.

The possibility of developing any project from the beginning allows us to interface both with construction companies and private individuals, to whom we can offer all the technical support from the birth of the project to the installation included, or we can operate on drawings or projects delivered by the customer.

We also work with companies that produce chemical and agri-food plants, supplying them with all the support carpentry for the plants.

The material’s production, carried out in-house in our workshop, allows a rigorous control of the production process, having highly specialized personnel in possession of all the certifications and licenses required by the current laws in force.

The installation of the structures is carried out by our staff and verified by our internal technicians, who follow the installation systematically.

We are able to supply “TURNKEY” metal structures complete with roofing, walls, windows, gates and security doors with relative calculation report of the iron structures and, upon request of the foundations, for a ‘former Engineer’ complaint.

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